Monday, June 25, 2007

3D Animation

3D Animation

Make no mistake about it—3D animation is very techy. Essentially, try and convince your audience that you can create a 3D scene. Of course, you’ll need to throw in the word “Maya” somewhere.

  • Motion Capture: Be sure to refer to it as “MoCap”, which sounds cool. Mention the Gypsy MoCap system. Say, “MoCap saves time. Simple ambient animation is much easier when MoCapped than if the subtleties where animated by hand. Mocap also easily captures nuances.” Remember that the Gypsy system consists of wearing a spaceman-like suit that captures the movements of the wearer.

  • Gait Cycles and Animation Paths: These are basically the sequence of steps that an animated character goes through. Speak as though you know how to manipulate these, using words such as “interpolation”: “With motion editing, you can manipulate body angles and smooth transitions between trials that were joined by interpolation. A single gait cycle could be blended with itself to create an endless walk.”

  • NURBS: NURBS modelling is advanced stuff. So you say, of course, “Man, NURBS is advanced. The toolsets are too complex.” Then you continue: “NURBS are basically ideal curves whose shapes are governed by control vertices. The control vertices do not lie on the curve.” Since it really is advanced, excuse yourself with, “Well, it’s difficult to explain it to you beyond that. You basically have to think about lines and surfaces in a differently—I can’t explain it.”

And finally, when faced with a tough question such as one about muscle and bone animation, simply refer your audience to the Web, saying, “There’s tons of tutorials out there for muscle and bone animation...”

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