Monday, June 25, 2007



Real-life heroes are few and far between, but in the gaming world, anyone can be a one. But how do you sound like one?

Listen to Our Hero’s story: He sauntered into the dark and sinister-looking dungeon with the nonchalance of a two-year old who couldn’t have known better. Not surprisingly, he soon found himself Fragged—finished by the enemy, leaving him a useless, lifeless lump of virtual human flesh. This was no ordinary enemy, either—it was a dreaded Camper, who springs out of the underbrush and tags his unsuspecting prey. Life isn’t a ball in the world of the First Person Shooter (FPS).

Retiring from the world of active warfare, our hero decides to build his army and enter the world of the Realtime Strategy (RTS) Game, commandeering his forces to wreak havoc on his enemies’ bases, while he looks upon them from a safe location.

Every once in a while, though, The Itch strikes, and he wants to feel the heat of battle once again—but not without his forces. So, in the Tactical FPS, he gets to kill some bad guys himself, and also seek his team’s help in tight spots.

For an “out of body” experience, he turns to the Role Playing Game (RPG), putting himself in some one else’s shoes. He will now fight evil, or embark upon an Adventure Game, full of cryptic clues and mythical monsters and other such hindrances to progress.

Not content with interacting with artificiallyintelligent bots , Our Hero decides to go online and take on the world of the Massively Multiplayer Online RPG, where he can interact and with other players from all over the world, brought together as a huge online civilisation.

And if boredom sets in, there is always the joy of the Arcade Racer—there are few things more fun than spreading a few hundred thousand dollars worth of car all over the landscape.

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