Monday, June 25, 2007



There’s something elitist about hackers, and we all seem to go through this phase of wanting to be one. Well, you can aspire to be one by talking the h4x0r talk…


A backdoor is a hole in the security of an operating system or software. It is left there on purpose by the designers of the software, so that they can get unrestricted access in case they’re locked out.


A typo in code or in settings of software that can cause chaos to the stability of a system.

Hammer / Bang

Stress-testing software or hardware to check for security and stability. In the hacker world, it can also mean attempting to gain entry into a system using brute force.


Generally an insult. Used along with the words script, packet, etc. Examples: script kiddie, packet kiddie. Used by hackers to describe other hackers who use pre-compiled software to hack. Basically, a kiddie is someone who can achieve a task like a hacker, but does not know what he is doing, or how he did it.


To flood a server or a person’s Inbox with mail or spam.

Owned / Pwned

A reaction after success. Asserting one’s superiority.


Software used by “kiddies” to hack and gain access to root privileges.

Usage: “Here I was minding my own business (just DDoS-ing a few guys), and I notice some strange network traffic. Turns out, this kiddie was trying to use a rootkit to find a backdoor into my BSD box. I mailbombed him with a couple of million messages that said “hacking people with quad-T3s is not a smart thing to do!” Then, just for good measure, I hacked his ISP and changed his cable modem config file. He thought I fat-fingered, because I gave him a speed boost from 1 Mbps to 10—sent me a cheeky “thank you f00!, lol” mail. Bet he wasn’t laughing when his ISP reported the hack to the cops—can’t wait for the papers tomorrow!”

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