Monday, June 25, 2007

Windows Live

What is Windows Live?

It’s hard to define Windows Live in a couple of sentences. But according to Microsoft, “Windows Live is based on one simple idea—that your online world gets better when everything works simply and effortlessly together. So all the things you care about online—your friends, the latest information, your e-mails, searching the Net—all come together in one place.” Essentially, it’s a central point to access many Webhosted services such as e-mail and IM.

When was Windows Live launched?

It went product by product. The e-mail and IM services were launched in November, and more and more services are being added.

Why Use Windows Live?

Mostly because you can access several things in one place. You have access to several services—for example, at, you can check your computer for problems without having to download software.

How can one try out Windows Live?

Visit’ll see several sections— explore all of them! In the “ beta” section, click on “Try it”. You’ll get to a page where you can sign up for the service, then customise “your page” by adding content to it.

Who gets to test the beta?

It’s product-by-product. Microsoft sent invitations for testing Windows Live Messenger to a handful of testers, who can invite their friends later. You can visit various forums to try and get invites for beta-testing various Live components.

Where can I find more information?Visit to get an idea of what Windows Live offers.

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