Monday, June 25, 2007

3D Studio

3D Studio

We give you absolute gems from the 3DS Max roster of jargon to help you get your friends to drop their jaws when they meet you next.

Space Warp

This one takes the literal meaning of space warp—it warps space within physical objects in a controlled fashion. The commonest “warps” are ripples in a rectangular surface, a sphere exploding, etc. Jaw-dropper My boss is worse than a mailer daemon; tells me to finish projects on Monday, even if he gives them to me on Tuesday. The next time he annoys me I will space warp his face, and nuke his G5 on the side. Con Meter 6/10


Traditionally, something your rich friend possessed, and something you always wanted. In 3DSMax, a Gizmo controls the modification of an object. It allows you to visualise the modification. If you bend a Bend modifier Gizmo, for instance, the object bends too. Jaw-dropper This new personal trainer of mine, who I am paying Rs 1,500 per workout session, thinks he has access to my Modifier Gizmo. He makes me stretch and bend beyond limit! Sometimes, I wonder why I am paying him to torture me. But give me a few months, and I will sack him. Then let’s see who controls his Modifier Gizmo. Con Meter 6/10

Mental ray

No relation to Satyajit Ray! In 3DS Max, a Mental Ray is a cool tool that allows physically correct simulations of light reflections and refractions producing life like effects such as concentrated light reflection through water surface and realistic global reflection effects. Confused? Wait until you use it on your unsuspecting friends. Jaw-dropper Sorry I got late for the party. My new Mental Ray draws out such great scenes that sometime I really get lost in them. Oh, the stuff it does. I wonder whether it is me or just my Mental Ray. Con Meter 8/10

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