Monday, June 25, 2007



The world’s been in love with Apple’s products since the launch of the first iMac, and after the iPod, Apple’s iCult has expanded manifold—fans are falling over themselves claiming they know what the next iProduct is going to be. Here, we present a quick guide to iProducts that exist, don’t exist, and aren’t even Apple. Of course, you’ll need to figure out which ones are which first—we sure aren’t going to tell you! Like they say, the best way to learn bluffing is to be on the receiving end once in a while.

iHome: Apple’s answer to the Windows Media Center PCs, this gorgeous iMac-based media centre came on to the scene around MacWorld 2005.

iTV: This is supposedly just a code-name for the videostreaming device. The set top box will let you watch highdefinition video on your television, and is about the size of a Mac Mini.

iWalk: Really now, the Newton debacle had to be avenged eventually, didn’t it? The iWalk PDA will even run Palm applications thanks to the emulation layer on its *nix-based OS.

iDog: This Aibo-esque pet will dance to your music at your slightest whim—and if that music comes from your iPod, even better!

iTablet: Using Apple’s patented multi-touchscreen, you can now use all your fingers to “crush” a big window, a la Minority Report!

iPhone: Is it fake? Is it real? Rumours of Apple’s “inevitable” music phone have been entertaining us for ages. We predict three new rumours between our writing this and your reading it.

Now go online and find out— iReal or iFake?

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